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Saturday Night at Bounce!

Bounce is hosting an early party tonight on 55 West 21st street. Doors open as early as 6pm for after work drinks and dinner, but the main event is going on at 10pm.

By 11pm the door will tighten up and ask guys to do table reservations or bar tabs, while all girls will be good to get in with limited hassle throughout the evening.

All bowl and NBA games will be televised on the dozens of plasma screens scattered throughout the venue.

There is no cover charge for entry.

Saturday Night at 1 OAK!

1 OAK is hosting its popular Saturday night party tonight. 1 OAK is arguably the biggest late night Saturday party in the city.

Promoters are walking in with their groups at midnight; by 12:30, the venue will be close to capacity, and the door will tighten up. Guys will be pushed to do bottle service or tip the door staff in order to get inside.

Mr. Mauricio is headlining the party.

AN 21 at Marquee!

EDM DJ AN 21 is headlining the party at Marquee on Saturday.

Pre-sale tickets for both guys and girls are selling directly on the club's website. The pre-sale price is valid until 1am when after the general admissions price will increase for both guys and girls, depending on venue capacity.

Promoter and guest lists' will get you a reduced or complimentary admissions. The door policy is more lenient here as the club can hold over 500 people, so as long as you are willing to wait in line, you will get in.

Saturday Night at The Westway!

Saturday is the most popular night of the week for Westway, located on Clarkson and West Side Highway.

The venue will provide you with a high energy atmposphere in the main room, while also offering a more laid back atmosphere and lounge in the side room. There is no cover charge to get inside.

The bar is a lot cheaper than your typical nightclub in NYC, and the Hip Hop music on a surround sound system will keep you on your feet the entire time you are here.

Digital Lab at LAVO!

For those looking for an EDM/House music scene, LAVO is one of your best options tonight.

The Friday night party has been one of the best parties in the city, and the momentum will only continue tonight. Doors open at 11pm, and this will be the easiest time for partygoers to get in. By midnight, promoter groups will walk in, and as a result, the door policy only gets more strict.


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